Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering for Special Events?

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03/30/2024 Time: 1000-1300 Spring Jamboree at Sycamore Field & Caper Acres

04/21/2024 Time: 1200-1500 Kite Day at Community Park

05/04/2024 Time: 0730-1200 Salvation Army Fun Run Sycamore Field

05/11/2024 Time: 0830-1500 Durham Parade and Picnic at Durham Community Park

05/18/2024 Time: 1000-1300 K-9 Classic at DeGarmo

06/29/2024 Time: 1000-1300 Let Freedom Ring at Chapman Park

08/17/2024 Time: 1000-1300 Ice Cream Social at the Nature Center

08/31/2024 Time: 1800-2200 Movie in the Park at DeGarmo

09/14/2024 Time: 1800-2200 Movie in the Park at Wildwood Park

10/26/2024 Time: 1800-2200 Movie in the Park at DeGarmo

Volunteer First Aid Stations – We Need You!!