Water Safety Awareness Course

starfish daycare

This course focus is to teach individuals how to recognize, prevent, and respond to emergencies in, on, or around water. Covering subjects such as pools, lakes, rivers, spas and water parks. (Does not require you to get into the water)  Fulfills requirements for Licensed Childcare and Foster-care  environments.

  • for parents and families focuses on home pool safety and the importance of surveillance and layers of protection.
  • for caregivers focuses on strategies for minimizing risk when supervising groups of swimmers on outings to the pool. It’s ideal for day care providers, youth leaders, camp counselors, teachers, and party hosts.
  •  for attendants focuses on secondary surveillance strategies, emergency response, facility safety, and (when appropriate) slide dispatch. It’s ideal for resort and hotel staff, pool and slide attendants, and health club personnel.
Course Fee:  $40.00
Course Length: 2 hours (Awareness program)

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