Moulage: Injury Simulation

Tonya with missing eye
This class goes from basics to some more advanced skills including an introduction into Effects Gel.
  • 2hr Course: scratches, abrasions, minor lacerations, shock, cyanosis, diaeresis, contusions or bruising, aging of bruises, first degree burns, A and B blood and then an intro to the advanced gels. (upgrade to the 4hr course and get a small starter kit)
  • 4hr Course: working with effects gels and skin-tone makeup: Create the basic simulation piece, deep lacerations or soft-tissue wounds. Discussion of impaled objects, tearing, vomit, bleeding injuries, mouth and dental trauma, smoke inhalation, and more…..

Up to 4 hours of CEU’s offered for this class!!13709985_10209186936166453_8922386819398389037_n

Study of “Mechanism of Injury”

2 hour Course
Cost:  $55.00

4 hour Course    


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