CCW Renewal

Have a current CCW and you need to renew it?   

The course includes 3 hours in the classroom and 1 hour of range qualification shooting up to four (4) firearms per student. For Butte County apply before your class, go to

Firearms Qualification Shoot:  You are required to shoot a minimum of 10 rounds per firearm that you are qualifying.  Eight out of ten rounds must be shown within the qualifying rings.  (we suggest you bring 20 rounds per firearm) No scopes, magnum loads or lasers are permitted.  This class is not for ‘Practice’, we are there to prove our shooting ability meets the State Standard for a CCW permit.  The range is not environmentally controlled so dress appropriately.  Comfortable clothing that you can move freely in, along with closed toe shoes.  Please no ‘V’ neck or other low-cut shirts.  Remember to bring Eye and Hearing Protection with you for the range.

The classroom instruction includes firearms storage laws, areas where carrying concealed firearms ARE or ARE NOT permitted, State Permit recognition, local and state mandates, legal and civil liability and more!  Followed by a 25 question written test.

Course Fee: $70.00
Course Length: 4 hrs (3 hrs classroom and 1 hr range)
Class Completion: Good for up to 6 months to complete your permit application

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