Basic CPR/AED/First Aid Course (Layperson) $85

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Date(s) - Tuesday, August 9th, 2016
8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Lifeline Training Center

stretcher helper

The purpose of the course is to give individuals in the workplace and the community the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and provide Basic CPR/AED for adults, children, infants (layrescuer CPR/AED) along with Basic Community First Aid, until advanced medical personnel arrive.

***DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS IF YOU ARE: Healthcare Provider or Professional Rescuer (LIFEGUARD, Firefighters, EMT, Nurses, Dental, anyone in the healthcare/rescuer field) must take Professional CPR Courses to fulfill the occupational requirements.
**DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS IF YOU ARE: Daycare or Preschool Worker. You must take a Childcare Provider class to fulfill State of California licensing requirements.

Textbooks and other supplies can be picked up from the front office during business hours, by appointment, or at the time of class. Paper textbooks will be provided for classroom use only. A digital textbook is included with the class price.

Course Fee: $85.00     Course Length: 4.5 hours     Certificate: 2 Years